In 1997, School Based Services (SBS) was founded in response to public school district requests for in-district support of low-incidence special needs students. These collaborations established congruent learning paths for complex students within the general education environment while meeting their individual needs. The original SBS service footprint quickly expanded to include highly disruptive and alternative education students who respond well to a higher staff-to-student ratio and highly-structured environments.

Now, SBS bridges wide inclusivity gaps for school districts by assisting with culture and behavioral change in Level 4, Turnaround, and Transformation schools; therapeutic public day school program support; behavioral management services for alternative schools or classrooms; intensive case management and therapy services. The SBS team works with the public school to plan intervention strategies with principal stakeholders involved in daily operational management and expected outcomes of the school/district.

The implementation of SBS services has proven to have an immediate impact on reducing disruptive behavior, developing positive learning environments, reinforcing civility, and assisting students’ engagement in learning.

With increasing identification of trauma-affected students, public school districts see SBS as an experienced, philosophically allied organization able to shift a school’s culture toward inclusiveness and acceptance. With the urgent connection between culture shifts and improved student outcomes, SBS responds as a catalyst to stabilize learning environments to support adaptive systems of tiered instruction directly attentive to students’ specific academic needs.

Evidence-based research and strategies for trauma-affected, at-risk, underperforming students drive SBS collaborations such as positive behavioral intervention strategies, brain-based learning, and social emotional learning curriculums. Using need-assessment tools and guided by school district goals, SBS collaborations create safe, trauma-informed learning environments that reinforce civility, pro-social skills, and positive environments while setting the stage for students to benefit from academic instruction. SBS collaborations evolve with the district’s needs.

SBS has worked with number of public school districts in the last eighteen years. In that timespan, Massachusetts SBS collaborations include Athol-Royalston Regional School District, Agawam, Amherst, Berkshire Hills Regional School District, Greenfield, Holyoke, Ludlow, Mohawk Regional School District, North Adams, Saugus, Springfield, Ware, West Springfield, Westfield, as well as East Windsor, CT public school district.