School Based Services focuses on creating public-private partnerships, enabling cost-effective educational options within the public school districts for special needs students, at-risk students, alternative education programs and schools involved in changing their school culture.

Options are developed cooperatively with school district administrators, unions and available resources to strengthen in-district programming, while preserving school district jobs. Services can be individualized for one student, classrooms, specialized programs or entire school populations.

As dollars become scarcer and out-of-district options for school districts become limited, SBS services have become a creative solution for maintaining special education, at-risk and alternative education students within the district; keeping families connected to their communities and ensuring that students remain in the classroom and receive high quality and rigorous curriculum and instruction from the district’s public school teachers. Suspensions, in-house suspensions and exclusion from school only continues to increase the drop out rate and reduce the graduation rate.

School Based Services staff work cooperatively with district personnel to create safe, civil learning environments that create the environment that promotes increased school attendance, increased academic performance, improved student behavioral controls and enhances positive parent and community communication and support.